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    Release Number: 10-147

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    • Public Information Office of Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office
    • May 5, 2010
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    • Debbie Carter : dcarter@hcso.tampa.fl.us
    • 813-247-8059

    UPDATE:Victim Has Been Identified In Dumpster Homicide

    Victim has been identified that died in dumpster fire.
    • Wednesday
    • May 5, 2010
    • Time: 12:00 AM
    • 201 Brandon Manor Ct. #201
    • Brandon,FL
    UPDATE: 5/5/10

    Detectives have positively identified the murder victim that was discovered in the dumpster behind Florida Orthopedic Institute. The victim was positively identified based on evidence located at the scene and confirmed through dental records and next of kin has been notified.

    Robert Mason Brewer, dob: 06-04-83
    Last known address 1925 Bow Court Valrico, FL


    Brendan Lee Terry, DOB 10-20-89
    201 Brandon Manor Ct. #201
    Charge: First Degree Murder

    Kasey Lee Ackerman, DOB 9-29-89
    201 Brandon Manor Ct. #201
    Charge: First Degree Murder

    David James Link II, DOB 10-1-91
    201 Brandon Manor Ct. #201
    Charge: Accessory After the Fact in First Degree Murder

    During the afternoon on May 3, 2010, the suspects met the victim at Brandon Town Center and became acquaintances with him. During that time, the victim agreed to respond back to the residence of the suspects in order to consume illegal controlled substances to include "Roxy's", Xanax and or Marijuana. Upon arrival at the defendant's apartment located at 201 Brandon Manor Ct.#201 in Brandon, the victim began consuming Xanax and became incoherent a short time later. During that time, the victim responded to the bedroom of Kasey Ackerman where he passed out in a chair. Kasey Ackerman and Brendan Terry, then entered into the bedroom where both parties began stabbing the victim about the neck and chest areas. Once both parties exited the room, leaving the injured victim behind, the victim was later seen by a witness (whose name will not be released) standing in the doorway of the bedroom, bleeding profusely from the neck area. At that time, the victim was taken to the bathroom of the apartment where he was ordered by Kasey Ackerman, via knife point to take off all of his clothes. Once this was done, Kasey Ackerman ordered the victim into the bathtub where he began kicking and striking the victim about the head and body. After this was done, David Link and the witness traveled to the Race Trac Gas Station in order to purchase approximately $3.00 in gasoline. The money that was used to purchase the gasoline was provided to David Link by Kasey Ackerman, for the purpose of purchasing same. Once David Link returned with the gasoline, Kasey Ackerman noted that the victim was not dead and he proceeded to stab the victim again in the neck. After these actions, the victim was removed from the bathtub by the suspects. The subjects then placed the victim on top of a piece of clear plastic was placed on the bathroom floor. The defendants then placed the victim into a duffle bag that belonged to the victim himself. Per the witness, the victim was still alive at this time and was seen and heard breathing.

    The suspects then placed the victim onto a dolly and transported him from the apartment to a large garbage dumpster located at 305 East Brandon Blvd in Brandon. Upon arrival at the dumpster, the defendants then placed the victim into the dumpster at which time Kasey Ackerman, proceeded to pour gasoline on top of the victim. Ackerman then ignited the fire causing the victim to become engulfed in flames. The defendants then fled the scene westbound towards their apartment complex. During that time, the witness who observed these actions also heard the victim screaming from the dumpster. All parties responded back to the apartment #201 where Law Enforcement came into contact with them later on that day. The victim (who has yet to be identified) was found deceased inside the dumpster in the early morning hours of May 4, 2010. Kasey Ackerman admitted post miranda to stabbing the victim numerous times due to the victim getting to close to his girlfriend. David Link also admitted post miranda to assisting in disposing of the victim's body after his sustained injuries.

    All three of the suspects were arrested late last night after being questioned by detectives.

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