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    Release Number: 10-149

    • For Immediate Release:
    • Public Information Office of Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office
    • May 7, 2010
    • Contact Person:
    • Debbie Carter : dcarter@hcso.tampa.fl.us
    • 813-247-8059

    Victim Shot And Killed In His Vehicle

    Victim looking for a night of fun ends up shot and killed in his vehicle.
    • Thursday
    • May 6, 2010
    • Time: 3:10 AM
    • Hwy 92 & Hwy 579
    • Seffner, FL
    Isaiah Ridley DOB 2-26-87
    6010 County Road 579 #157
    Seffner, FL

    First Degree Murder with a Firearm
    Armed Robbery with a Firearm - 2 counts

    Julio De La Torre DOB 9-5-55 (deceased)
    2903 West Comanche Avenue
    Tampa, FL

    Omar Portilla-Castro DOB 4-3-74
    6113 Scorpio Circle #150
    Tampa, FL

    This morning at approximately 3:10 a.m., the victim De La Torre traveled to the incident with his friend (Portilla-Castro), and a female witness. The witness (witness #1) was going to introduce the victims to a second female (also a witness) so they could party for the night. Once the victim arrived at the scene, witness #1 told the victim to turn on the headlights of his vehicle because the other female witness #2 had dropped her drugs and was attempting to locate them. As the victim was sitting in his vehicle, a black male, identified by witness #2 as "Jai", came out of the wooded area, armed with a firearm and fired several shots at the victim's vehicle, striking the victim on the left side of his body which caused his death.

    Portilla-Castro advised that he observed the black male shoot at his friend's (the victim's) vehicle and then run towards him while still holding the firearm. The black male then forced Portilla-Castro to the ground and removed Portilla-Castro's wallet from his pocket. Portilla-Castro further stated that the black male then ran towards the victim's vehicle and pulled the victim out and onto the ground. The male then searched the victim's vehicle and fled on foot from the scene.

    Witness #2 advised that her boyfriend, who she identified as Jai or Isaiah Ridley had been asking her to call the other witness and have her bring her friends (the victims) over so he could rob them. Witness #2 advised that she did not believe that the defendant would actually rob the victims and kill them. Witness #2 advised that she observed her boyfriend, Isaiah, hide in the woods and wait for the victims to arrive. Witness #2 stated she observed a black male who she believes was her boyfriend come out of the woods and start shooting at the victim's vehicle. Witness #2 advised that the person who committed the shooting was wearing the same clothes as her boyfriend and appeared to her to be her boyfriend, Isaiah (same clothing and physical characteristics). Witness #2 advised that as she arrived back at their motel room with the defendant, he stated, "I killed the dude."

    Witness #1 advised that she was with the victims when she observed a black male come out of the woods and begin shooting at the victim's vehicle.

    Witness #2 advised that she ran as she witnessed the incident. During her interview, Witness #2 advised that "Jai" wanted to rob her friends for a couple of days and was always trying to have her set up a robbery.

    The defendant advised post-Miranda that he did not shoot the victim but he did in fact set up a robbery with his friend "Black." The defendant advised that "Black" was supposed to just point the firearm at the victim as he searched him.

    Witness #2 identified the defendant as the person who advised her that he had just killed the victim and as the person she observed hide in the woods, while armed with a firearm, with he intent of robbing the victims. During the execution of a court authorized search warrant at the hotel room being occupied by the defendant, a firearm was located and recovered inside the defendant's backpack. A prescription pill bottle with the victim's name was also recovered from his pocket.

    The suspect was arrested this afternoon at approximately 5:00 p.m. after being interviewed by detectives. The investigation continues.
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