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    Release Number: 11-094

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    • Public Information Office of Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office
    • March 21, 2011
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    • Debbie Carter : dcarter@hcso.tampa.fl.us
    • 813-247-8059

    HCSO & FHP Enforce The "Move Over" Act

    It is hoped that aggressive enforcement will raise awareness, improve safety and keep traffic corridors flowing for everyone's benefit.
    • Monday
    • March 21, 2011
    • Time: 7:00 AM
    • I-75 between State Road 674 and Gibsonton Drive


    On March 21, 2011, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office District Four Traffic Unit will be working with Florida Highway Patrol engaged in targeted enforcement of the “Move Over” Act. This cooperative enforcement activity will occur along the Interstate 75 corridor between State Road 674 and Gibsonton Drive.

    Law enforcement, firemen and paramedics on occasion are expected to put themselves in harms way. The first responder’s job is to confront dangerous situations; they take risks to make situations safer for all of us. One of the most dangerous circumstances for first responders is when their duties place them in close proximity to traffic. The “Move Over” Act is a law enacted to minimize the danger our first responders and emergency personnel face when they are stopped along side the flow of traffic.

    Florida Statutes require drivers approaching parked emergency vehicles with visual signals activated, must “Move Over” i.e. vacate the lane closest to the emergency vehicle on an interstate or highway with two or more lanes in the same direction (316.126 (1) (b) (1). Otherwise the driver is required to slow to a speed that is 20 miles per hour less than the posted speed – and if the posted speed is 25 mph or less, the driver must slow to 5 miles per hour on a two lane road (316.126 (1) (b) (2). The civil penalty for this moving violation is one hundred and fifty one dollars.

    It is hoped that through aggressive enforcement we will raise awareness, improve safety, and reduce the risks to the personnel we require to investigate crashes, enforce traffic laws, and keep our traffic corridors flowing for everyone’s benefit.
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