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    Release Number: 12-179

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    • Public Information Office of Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office
    • May 18, 2012
    • Contact Person:
    • Debbie Carter : dcarter@hcso.tampa.fl.us
    • 813/247-8059


    Detectives make arrest in early morning stabbing.
    • Friday
    • May 18, 2012
    • Time: 2:14 AM
    • 3939 U.S. Highway 301 North


    Benjamin Ryan Edelbeck
    DOB: 7-3-87
    417 Tallow Tree Drive
    Pensacola, Florida


    Brian Andrews
    DOB: 7-29-85
    6765 Bellview Pines Blvd.
    Pensacola, Florida


    • 2nd Degree Murder


    On May 18, 2012 at approximately 1:45 a.m. the defendant, victim and witness #1 were inside the Dallas Bull located at 3322 N. U.S. Highway 301, Tampa. During that time, all three parties were located in a “V.I.P.” Room of the Dallas Bull and were suspected of smoking marijuana by Security Staff. At that time, the staff members escorted all three individuals from the establishment and into the parking lot.

    Upon entry into the parking area, Witness #1 made contact with security in an attempt to locate his driver’s license. During that time, witness #2 observed the defendant standing by himself behind a vehicle in the parking lot. Witness #2 then observed a metal folding knife, with silver in color blade, located in a front pocket of the defendant. For safety purposes, witness #2 asked the defendant for the knife, until the parties departed from the property. The defendant then complied with said request and handed the weapon to the witness. Witness #2 then returned the knife to the defendant as he re-contacted the other two parties and all began walking towards their vehicles.

    During that time, witness #1 began arguing with the defendant over the fact that he was escorted from the establishment and had to reserve the “V.I.P.” room for approximately $150.00. The victim then stepped in between both arguing parties in an attempt to diffuse the situation. After they separated, the two parties re-initiated the argument in the parking area and at that time, on site security staff intervened.

    While all three parties continued to walk towards their vehicle, the victim and the defendant then became involved in yet another altercation. However, the altercation turned violent as both parties became involved in a grappling stance. The parties were again separated by security staff and finally left the property upon entry into their vehicle.

    Witness #1 driving, the defendant was in the front passenger seat, and the victim was positioned behind the defendant.

    As all three individuals left the Dallas Bull, the security staff over heard an ongoing argument coming from within the vehicle (due to the vehicle’s windows in the down position). The vehicle then continued by traveling north on U.S, Highway 301.

    During their travel, the victim and the defendant began arguing again, to the extent that witness #1 pulled into the Citgo Gas Station located at 3322 N. U. S Highway 301 and told the two parties to either get out of the vehicle or he was going to get out instead. The defendant, who appeared to witness #1 as being agitated, removed his black polo style shirt and exited the vehicle wearing a white tank top.

    The victim then exited the vehicle and both parties approached the rear of the vehicle. Both parties then became involved in a physical altercation, which was captured by the Citgo’s surveillance system. (We are not releasing the video). At that time, the victim is observed grabbing his left side and appears as if to be injured. The defendant then re-approaches the victim, makes contact with same and the victim begins walking towards the front entrance of the gas station. As he is doing so, the victim then bends over and apparent blood is observed on the front of his clothing. Once the victim attempts to walk through the doors of the gas station, the defendant is observed approaching the victim from behind and pulling him to the side (preventing him from entering the gas station). The defendant then walks the victim southbound from the front entrance of the Citgo, where he was later found deceased by responding HCSO personnel. Citgo employees contacted 911 in order to report the observed incident and witness #1 left the gas station for a brief amount of time; but arrived back at the location shortly thereafter.

    The defendant was found on the scene with apparent blood on his hands and clothing. He was also identified by Dallas bull’s Security personnel as the person who was in possession of the knife, at the time they left the Dallas Bull (identified via surveillance photo). A search warrant was drafted by HCSO detectives, in reference to the involved vehicle and no apparent blood was discovered within. The victim was positively identified by a Florida Driver’s License and witness #1 verified that the victim was uninjured upon his departure of the vehicle at the Citgo Gas Station. A metal folding knife was located in close proximity of the incident scene and appeared to be stained with blood. The located knife matched the description of the weapon that was provided by witness #2.

    The victim sustained a single apparent stab wound to the left side of his upper torso and succumbed to his wounds at the scene.

    The defendant was interviewed by detectives and arrested on the above charge.
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