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  • We have made it easier and user-friendlier to check on a call for service, a traffic crash or the intersections with the most accidents. Each feature can be found in the “Inquiries Online’’ tab.

    These new features will make your searching a little easier, but most of all help keep your family safe. With a map that will clearly show you where calls are coming from, what roads to avoid and which ones to travel with more caution, your family will be more informed on how to stay safe.

    Calls For Service

    The “Calls For Service” page now features a Google map which shows the location of the originating call. The color-coding system clearly shows what types are calls are being responded to. For example, bomb threats are labeled with a black dot while violent crimes are labeled with a red dot. With these new features, citizens can stay better informed about what is going on in their community.

    Current Traffic Accidents

    By using the new “Current Traffic Accidents” page, you can see where accidents have recently occurred in your area, the type of accident and what alternative route to take. With color-coded markers, you can easily distinguish which crashes have injuries or fatalities or even if there is a flow problem or a flood in the area. This feature will definitely make everyone’s commute a lot smoother.

    Top Accident Locations

    Finally, the “Top Accident Locations” page shows, on a map, the top 25, 50 or 100 accident locations. The top locations are marked with their ranking. This will help the community see which intersections should be traveled with more caution.

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