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  • Sheriff David  Gee launched S.A.V.E. in 2006 to partner with alcohol vendors and retailers and create a proactive collaboration to inform and educate employees and managers. The goal is to reduce alcohol-related traffic crashes and deaths in Hillsborough County.

    This innovative program provides alcohol vendors with a direct link to the Sheriff’s Office to answer questions, offer guidance on state laws and help train staff. Vendor topics typically covered include how to monitor and avoid serving too much alcohol to someone, preventing underage drinking and maintaining a neighborhood friendly establishment.

    Many alcohol vendors in Hillsborough County have embraced S.A.V.E., and invited the Sheriff’s Office to conduct training sessions for employees, and undercover operations to reveal underage drinkers and counterfeit and fake forms of identification. S.A.V.E. offers vendors' employees and associates valuable information through programs and training in responsible alcohol service. Deputies also explain the potential exposure to legal liability for failure to act responsibly when serving alcohol to the public.

    To contact the S.A.V.E. program, send email to: save@hcso.tampa.fl.us


    Which alcohol vendors may work the the Sheriff’s Office and S.A.V.E.?

    Any alcohol vendor may contact the Sheriff’s Office and request to have their alcohol service policy and employee training practices reviewed, along with any other questions they may have.

    In addition to this the Sheriff’s Office collects “last drink” information from individuals arrested in Hillsborough County for DUI.

    What is a “last drink survey”?

    A last drink survey is conducted by all law enforcement officers making an arrest for DUI in Hillsborough County. This is accomplished by asking every offender,  “Where were you last drinking?” Their responses, which are voluntary, are then compiled into a database.

    What do you do with the information collected by the last drink survey?

    A list of the “Top 10 ” alcohol vendors attributed to DUI arrests is compiled every month. This “Top 10” list is then used to work with those vendors to reduce the DUI’s connected to their establishments by the arrestees.

    What can S.A.V.E. do to help vendors reduce alcohol-related incidents?

    In addition to working with the vendor in reviewing their alcohol service policy and employee training practices, S.A.V.E. offers  presentations to employees stressing responsible service of alcohol and the consequences of failing to do so. Detection of fake I.D.’s and prevention of access of alcohol by underage teens is also shared with employees.

    Does S.A.V.E. do anything about underage drinking?

    Yes, S.A.V.E. also works with vendors in preventing underage access to alcohol. Compliance checks of vendors are also regularly conducted in conjunction with the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco.

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