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    Check Your Route

    • Check the app in your smart phone or go to the HCSO website and to the Sexual Predators section. Place in your address or the area you are planning to trick or treat to check for the addresses of Sexual Predators and Offenders in that area.
    • Avoid houses where the lights off or houses where you do not know the resident.
    • Avoid houses where they have signs up requesting no tress pass or have long driveways.
    • Carry a cell phone to alert law enforcement if someone in your group gets separated.
    • Carry a flash light to help your group stay together, show you uneven pavement and in case of injury.

    Plan your group:

    • Go in groups and make sure at least one adult is present.
    • Group children in teams of two. Not only will this assist you in tracking the children but it make sure no child is truly ever alone
    • Tag each child with reflective clothing or glow sticks to better see them in the dark. If going with several children you might want to place the child's parents phone number in your phone, on their bag or on their person in case of an emergency. This could come in handy if they are separated.

    Go Safely

    • Check you child's costume and make sure it fits them and they will not have trouble walking or breathing.
    • Go during the day light hours with small children.
    • Dusk makes it extremely hard to see so be vigilant on sidewalk areas in housing developments.
    • Cross with all lights and in the crosswalks. Have an adult in front leading and one behind. Stop at all driveways and intersections before walking across.
    • There will be slow moving cars in the area some waiting to drop children off and others to find the group they are with. Remind the children that they are not to go near the cars, not just so they are not taken by a stranger but because they driver may not see them.
    • Go up to every door with your child.
    • Never let your child enter a house that is not known to you. No matter what the reason, and you should not enter either.
    • Check you area. Several areas have sponsored events such malls and churches which are much safer.
    • Check you child's candy before they consume, check for open or unwrapped candy. Do not except any fruits or items that can be tampered with.
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