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  • The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office began the Volunteer Citizen Patrol Program in 2007 to utilize the skills of volunteers from within the community as partners in public safety. Citizen patrol volunteers are specifically trained by the Sheriff's Office to respond to non-emergency and routine calls for service that do not require law enforcement. They help ensure public safety and serve as the extra “eyes and ears” for law enforcement. The program was created to reduce crime, improve the safety of our citizens, improve the quality of life within the county, enhance our relationship with the community, and allow community members to become active participants in the process of crime control and prevention. So far, since its launch, it has proven to do just that. Volunteers perform various tasks such as patrol neighborhoods, assist with school crossings, conduct vacation checks, and document graffiti, to name a few. With their help, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office continues to reduce crime every year.

    On March 12, 2012, the program held its annual banquet to acknowledge those that had volunteered this past year and to celebrate the program’s 5th anniversary. Awards were given out to those with the most service hours, five years of service, and special achievements. The Sheriff’s Office thanks these citizens with an active means to make a difference in our community.

    Five Years of Service:

    • Frank Behrendt
    • William Cardona
    • Lillian Hyden
    • Stacie Leonard
    • Lily MacDonald
    • Dennis Marks
    • Nancy Muggleton
    • Kathy Samuelsen
    • Debra Schwab
    • Elaine Sellent
    • Stephen Viders
    • Michael Wall

    200+ Hours:

    • Remigio Arroyo
    • Rheda Bloom
    • Humberto Coto
    • Chuck Kaupp
    • Stanley Krick
    • Donato Susca
    • Robert Owens
    • Mike Wall

    300+ Hours:

    • Fred Gossett
    • Brian Kilbane
    • Linda Raab
    • Eileen Rexroad
    • John Salgado
    • Elaine Sellent

    400+ Hours:

    • Rick Hafeman
    • Art Jorgensen
    • Kathy Samuelsen

    500+ Hours:

    • Mike Bresse
    • Nancy Muggleton

    600+ Hours:

    • Ed Roloson

    Most Hours Volunteered with a Full-Time Job:

    • Kathy Samuelsen with 468 Hours

    Most Hours Volunteered and Retired:

    • Ed Roloson with 631 Hours

    Outstanding Award:

    • Dwayne Denny received this award for his donation of equipment to the program and for installing cameras in the Bloomingdale Substation.
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