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Out-of-Town Applicant (Sworn)

Out-of-State Applicant (Sworn Positions)

If you currently live outside the State of Florida, you will skip Phase One and start at Phase Two of the application process listed below.
Phase One

Pre-Qualification for Applicants within Florida

  1. Complete and Pass the Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test (CJBAT) or Florida Basic Abilities Test (FBAT). (If within Florida)

    1. How Do I Schedule the CJBAT/FBAT Test?

Phase Two


Out-of-State applicants start here!
  1. Create a User Profile and Complete HCSO Application and Pre-Screen Questionnaire Using the HCSO Applicant Portal System.

    1. How Do I Create a User Profile and Fill Out the Application and Questionnaire?

      • Access the HCSO Online Applicant Portal at:
      • Navigate to the Job Listings heading and click on the "View all open positions" link.
      • Review the job qualifications and requirements.
      • Locate the Options heading (bottom of page) and click on the "Apply for this job online" link.
      • You will be directed to create a "NEW" online user profile. Follow the instructions to create a new profile to begin the application process.
    NOTE: Candidates that successfully complete the profile, HCSO application and pre-screen questionnaire will contacted by a Background Investigator to proceed to the next step after review by Human Resources.
  2. Scan/Mail-In Required Documents

    1. Mail Certified or Registered To:

      • 2306 N. Falkenburg Road Tampa, FL 33619
      • Attention: Recruitment & Screening
    2. What Documents Do I Scan-In?

      • Copies of the FBAT or CJBAT scores (If within Florida or previously taken)
      • Copy of Resume (Out-of-State Applicants ONLY)
      • Copy of Original birth certificate from the Bureau of Vital Statistics or copy of original naturalization papers
      • Two (2) copies of Driver's License
      • Two (2) copies of Social Security Card
      • Copy of military discharge papers (DD 214), if applicable, or if male between the ages of 18-25 a copy of Selective Service Card (www.sss.gov)
      • Copy of all documented name changes
      • Lifetime history of driving abstract from every state you held a driver's license (Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles)
  3. NOTE: The application review process may take several weeks to complete. You will be contacted by a Background Investigator to schedule the next steps in the process.
Phase Three


  1. Complete Personal Interview

    • You will be assigned to a Background Investigator who will contact you to schedule your first trip to Tampa for approximately one (1) week (5 business days).
  2. Complete Fingerprints, Photographs and Polygraph Examination

    Candidate travels to Tampa for interview, testing and the following:
    1. Out-of-State Applicants Schedule to Take the CJBAT Test.

      Out-of-State candidates will need to schedule to take the CJBAT test at this time. See Phase One section above for details about how to schedule and take the test.
    2. In Person Interview with Background Investigator

      • During the interview any areas of concern will be addressed with the applicant.
      • Areas of deception are grounds for termination from the application process.
      • The background investigator will review the entire HCSO job application with you.
    3. Applicant will be fingerprinted

    4. Applicant will be photographed

    5. Applicant will submit to a pre-employment polygraph examination

      • Any information developed concerning current or past criminal activity may be referred for further investigation to appropriate authorities.
  3. Complete the Physical Efficiency Battery PEB() Exam.

    1. How Do I Prepare for the PAA Exam?

  4. Complete a Ride Along (Law Enforcement) or Jail Tour (Detention)

Phase Four


  1. Participate in Oral Review Board Interview

    • Applicants will be presented before an oral review board consisting of three ranking members of the Sheriff's Office Command staff.
    NOTE: Candidates that successfully pass this phase will move forward to the next phase.
Phase Five


  1. Complete Extensive Background Investigation

    1. What's Included in the Background Investigation?

      • Contact personal references
      • Contact employer references
      • Contact neighbor references
      • Contact friend references
      • Contact law enforcement agencies
      • Contact credit bureau
    NOTE: Any derogatory information developed at this stage will be basis for disqualification.
Phase Six

Final Hiring

  1. Referred for Selection

    • If selected, you will receive a Conditional Offer of Employment (COE).
  2. Acceptance of Conditional Offer of Employment (COE)

    • Begin final hiring process.
  3. Candidate Will be Scheduled for the Following:

    • Medical Examination
    • Pre-Employment Drug Test
    • Psychological Evaluation

    NOTE: Candidates that successfully complete the final phase will be placed into a pool of candidates for a future Academy Orientation Training and academy. Positions are filled based on agency needs. Out of town candidates will be notified at least 30 days prior to the start of Academy Orientation and the academy.

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