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We conduct Sheriff's Office Training (SOT) for both Law Enforcement and Detention applicants. Each training is identical in core requirements of fitness and Sheriff's Office culture and procedures. The SOT program is mandatory for a recruit to advance to cadet, thus embarking on the extended training regimen tailored toward law enforcement or detention careers.

Sheriff's Orientation Training (SOT)

Since the launch of our Sheriff's Orientation Training (SOT) in 2007, the program has proved to be a legitimate and tactical assessment tool for recruits. The training camp is located at our Walter C. Heinrich Practical Training Site in Lithia, Florida. The camp is equipped with billets, showers and physical fitness areas.

The training camp consists of a two week, in-your-face program that covers Sheriff's Office culture, procedures, expectations and standard operating procedures. Recruits will be required to live on-site during the two week training period (excluding weekends). During this time each trainee will immerse his or herself in the full Sheriff's Office experience. This allows our instructors to observe and assess each recruits performance during stressful situations.

It is important for each recruit to understand that the Sheriff's Orientation Training program demands a high level of discipline and intense physical conditioning which are needed in order to successfully complete the rigors of the academy. Prospective recruits should begin now to prepare physically and mentally if they are to succeed in the program. The experience at SOT will be the most difficult physical and mental challenge the recruit may face during his or her career.

SOT is the first stage of training for all new law enforcement and detention deputy trainees. Upon a successfully completion at the Sheriff's Office Orientation, the recruit will continue on with his or her training which included the following:
  • Six month academy at Hillsborough Community College (HCC) for Law Enforcement Deputy Trainee and four months for Detention Deputy Trainee
  • Eight to ten weeks of module training
The Sheriff's Office will provide all books, materials, and uniforms (except footwear) and weapons (law enforcement). Those selected for hire will receive $17.66 per hour (40 hour work week) and full benefits during this training period. After this training is completed, the recruit is sworn-in and their salary increases to $21.99 per hour (84 hours bi-weekly).

Physical Efficiency Battery (PEB)

What's My First Step? For Law Enforcement Deputy Trainee, Detention Deputy Trainee and Reserve Deputy your first step is to make sure you qualify for the position. If you have not done so, it is advised that you review the minimum qualifications for your position to ensure you qualify and are within our hiring guidelines. To get started you should review the Application Process section. From there you will decide if you considered either an "In-Town" or "Out-of-Town" applicant. If you are within two (2) hours driving distance from the Tampa area, you are considered an "In-Town" applicant. In-town applicants should schedule to take the FBAT or CJBAT test first. On the other hand, "Out-of-Town" applicants will be asked to first create a user profile in the HCSO Applicant Tracking System.

What is the PEB?

This assessment is designed to measure a candidate's aerobic capacity while also measuring their core and upper body strength. The primary goal of the Physical Efficiency Battery (PEB) is to determine if an individual possesses the basic skills to perform the physical tasks required of law enforcement officers. Applicants that do not pass the PEB will not continue with the application process. Failure to meet any one of the minimum requirements will result in a failure of the PEB. It is not uncommon for candidates to attempt the PEB when they are incapable of successfully completing the tasks. Make sure that you know you are physically capable of completing this. 

PEBs are held the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month (excluding national holidays) at 7:15 am. Plan on spending 3 hours at the PEB. Candidates will receive an email from HCSO Human Resources advising them of their eligibility to participate in the PEB and of required documents to bring to the PEB.

The following minimum standards must be met:
  • 20 Push-ups in One Minute (Minimum)
  • 25 Sit-ups in One Minute (Minimum)
  • 14'' Vertical Leap (Minimum)
  • 300 Meter Run - 69 Seconds (Maximum)
  • 1 1/2 Mile Run - 15 Minutes (Maximum) 

What Do I need the Day of the Test?

Required Forms/Documents
All Required forms are identified and located on the Application Process section of this website.  If you are within the State of Florida, they are to be brought to the PEB in a yellow manila envelope. If you are Out of State, they are to be mailed in to:

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office
Recruitment and Screening Section
P.O. Box 3371
Tampa FL 33601

 Required Equipment  
  • Hydrating Fluids
  • Exercise Attire
  • Towel

Testing Location & Scheduling

The Physical Efficiency Battery (PEB) is conducted at the Training Division Facility at Pinebrooke. The address is:

1409 N. Falkenburg Road, Tampa FL 33619

Make sure you arrive 15 minutes early. If you are late, you will not be admitted. See the Events section for upcoming dates and times.
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