Request for Proposal (RFP) No. 14-04

Wireless Data System and/or Services

Thank you for your interest in the Request for Proposal (RFP) 14-04 Wireless Data System and/or Services.  These instructions are provided to assist you in obtaining all the documents necessary for the submission of a proposal.

        The full RFP document is divided into three files.  Together the three files make up the full RFP document.  The first file entitled HCSO RFP No 14-04 Wireless Main, is a PDF file requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader to access.  It contains language pertinent to submitting your proposal, including key dates, and contract language for the future, should your firm be selected.  If you currently have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you may proceed by clicking on this link RFP No. 14-04.  If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed, click on the Get Acrobat Reader icon below.

getacro.gif (1522 bytes)

        The second document critical to your submission is provided in Microsoft Word and is entitled HCSO RFP No 14-04 Wireless Functional Requirements.  This file provides a full description of the functionality requirements and includes the related response forms.  These forms are embedded as tables within each requirement.  All of these forms must be included and submitted in your proposal.  Failure to submit these as part of your response will result in the rejection of your proposal.


        The third file is entitled HCSO RFP No 14-04 Wireless Appendices & Response Forms.  This file is a Microsoft Word file and includes forms that must be completed.  Appendix B provides for your price proposal.  Failure to submit the forms in Appendix A & B as part of your response will result in the rejection of your submission.  

        All Word documents are password protected.  Only the tables are accessible for information entry.


Additional instructions for downloading and saving files:

        You must have a full Microsoft Word 2000 (or greater) package installed to prevent problems, such as the inability to recognize hyphens that are contained in the text. 


        The files are password protected to prevent certain types of changes from being made. You will be able to use the MS Word documents for completing your responses, but you can make changes in the form fields (gray boxes) only. No other portions of the document can be edited.


        In order to make changes to the files, you must be able to save the files directly to your system. One of the files are too large to be saved to a floppy disk (standard 3.5 diskettes.) Therefore, you must save the files to either a hard disk or CD-R/CD-RW.


        If you are viewing the files (Word or Acrobat PDF) from within Microsoft Internet Explorer, the files will possibly be displayed in the browser window when you click on them. To save either of the MS Word files or the Acrobat PDF files, place your cursor on the file link and right click. A pop-up menu will appear where you need to chose the menu option "Save Target As " and proceed with your save. You should be able to save any of the files using this method.


Contact the Sheriff's Office by phone at (813) 247-8029 or by email at with any questions.



The following are addenda published for RFP No. 14-04.  Click on the link provided to access the file.

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