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  • Hillsborough County Inmate Calling Enrollment Information

    This site provides information on how to register to receive calls from inmates in Hillsborough County, Florida.

    The Hillsborough County Sherriff's Office has contracted with CenturyLink to provide calling and account billing services to inmates. Recipients of these calls may include friends, relatives, and attorneys.

    CenturyLink's services incorporate The ENFORCER® inmate calling platform and related payment systems provided by Inmate Calling Solutions (ICSolutions). To optimize the inmate calling experience, the ENFORCER combines security, fraud control, and regulatory compliance benefits with innovative calling plans and payment options.

    Friends or family can fund calling accounts using a direct-dial "voice response" (IVR) number, a web-based portal, or live Customer Support agents. Called parties can make payments directly to an inmate's calling account, or take advantage of an industry-leading Prepaid Collect calling plan to accommodate calls to cell phones or accounts with credit issues.

    Available Services:

    Collect account
    Set up through CenturyLink; calls billed to your local phone company
    Call 888-664-7839

    Prepaid Collect account
    Set up and funded through ICSolutions; enables you to receive calls from a specified inmate
    Call 888-506-8407 or access https://icsonline.icsolutions.com/icsonline/welcome.aspx

    Inmate Debit account
    Set up and funded through ICSolutions; enables posting of funds to an inmate's debit calling account (inmate calls can be placed to any number)
    Call 888-888-8413 or access https://icsonline.icsolutions.com/icsonline/welcome.aspx

    Direct bill account (Attorney and Bail bondsman only)
    Set up through ICS; calls billed Directly to Attorney and Bail Bondsman only
    Call 800-464-8957


    • The following restrictions may be applied by the Hillsborough County Sherriff's Office to inmate calls:
    • Limits on length of calls or calling availability hours
    • Limits on number of inmate calls or total monthly call minutes
    • Call monitoring, recording, and inmate voice validation (in order to place calls)
    • Blocks on types of phone numbers (such as 800 numbers) or selected phone numbers
    • Temporary or permanent denial of phone usage rights based on disciplinary problems, gang affiliations, or requests by a called party.


    1. Who do I contact about receiving calls from the Hillsborough County Detention Center?
    If you want to be able to accept collect calls using a cell phone, contact ICSolutions at 888-506-8407.
    If you want to set up an account to directly fund an Inmate Debit account, contact ICSolutions at 888-888-8413.
    If you want to accept calls using your land-based telephone service, contact CenturyLink at 888-664-7839. In order to qualify to have calls billed on your local bill, you must also have had service with your current phone provider for at least 6 consecutive months, and not have been suspended or past due on your account during that time.
    Please note that not all phone providers allow collect calls to be added to your local bill. In this case, you must set up a Prepaid Collect account through ICSolutions to receive collect calls from an inmate.

    2. What does it mean if my local phone company does not allow Correctional Facility collect calls to be added to my local bill?
    Local phone providers may not have a billing and collection arrangement with CenturyLink. If they choose not to provide service through such an agreement, you must contact ICSolutions at 888-506-8407 to set up a Prepaid Collect calling account.

    3. Is there a credit limit on my account?
    The inmate phone service provider has established a "courtesy limit" for your account. This limit may be raised or lowered, depending upon your needs and payment history. The current limit for Hillsborough County is $75.00 in accepted calls per calendar month.

    4. What if I change local telephone providers?
    If you change to a new local phone provider, you must set up a Prepaid Collect account in order to accept any further calls, even if you are still using the same telephone number. You cannot have the calls billed to the new local phone provider's bill.

    5. If I have a Prepaid Collect account, may I change to direct billing through my local phone provider?
    No. Setting up a Prepaid Collect account is a permanent billing option, and you must use this account type as long as you accept calls from the correctional facility.

    6. What do I do if calls are restricted because I have reached my Courtesy Limit on a Collect account?
    In order to clear the restriction on your line, your account must be current with your local phone provider, including charges that may not have appeared on your bill yet. You must call CenturyLink at 888-664-7839. A CenturyLink representative will help you determine the amount that you must first pay to your local phone company in order to remove the restriction from your line.

    7. Why has my number been blocked from receiving a collect call from an inmate?
    It may be because your local phone service provider does not having a billing and collection agreement with CenturyLink.
    Or, you may be past due on your local phone bill. If you have ever failed to pay a long distance phone bill, or your service has ever been disconnected, you may not be allowed to receive direct Collect calls. In this case, you must set up a Prepaid Collect account through ICSolutions by calling 888-506-8407 in order to receive collect calls from an inmate.
    If you are using a cell phone, you may need to set up or add additional funds to a Prepaid Collect account before the block is removed.

    8. How may I block my number from Hillsborough County inmates?
    When you receive a call from a Hillsborough County inmate you will be given the option to block this inmate from calling your number. Additionally, you will be given the option to block all future calls from the Hillsborough Correctional Facility.
    You may also call 888-664-7839 and request that your number be blocked.

    Rates and Fees:

    Friends and Family Rates (English) 
    Amistades y Familia (Espanol) 

    Inmate Rates (English) 
    Inmates Rates (Espanol) 

    For More Information:

    For more information about Collect account or setting up a Collect account to receive calls from an inmate, contact us at:

    Mailstop: FLAPKA0112
    PO Box 165000
    Altamonte Springs, FL 32716

    Live Agent phone 1-888-664-7839


    For more information about available prepaid or debit account types, or setting up an account to receive calls from an inmate, contact ICSolutions at:

    Inmate Calling Solutions
    2200 Danbury St.
    San Antonio, TX 78217

    Live Agent phone 1-888-506-8407


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