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Release Number: 09-069

For Immediate Release

Public Information Office

March 10, 2009

Debbie Carter:

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                        SEXUAL PREDATOR UPDATE



Attached is updated information regarding sexual predators listed by FDLE residing in Hillsborough County.  A complete list maybe accessed on the FDLE website:  Since the last press release the following changes have been made.




Edward Collier, dob: 07/12/75 from prison to jail

Randy E Davis, dob: 10/04/67 from prison to 8406 Tampa St N. Lot 5

Aaron B Knight, dob: 04/09/73 from out of county to 1531 Kestrel Wy

Gary V Lawrence, dob: 01/20/73 from prison to 2909 50th St Rm 4

Stephen C. Rochford, dob: 11/23/53 from out of state to jail

Damon Tayor, dob: 08/25/46 from prison to 3011 Orient Rd

Glen Vanderploeg, dob: 05/25/59 from out of county to 7612 23rd Av E




Chambers Clayton, dob: 08/12/60  1514 Florida Av N to out of state

Ricardo P Guyton, dob: 06/04/08 1711 Sewaha St E to prison

Damien Harris, dob: 11/09/79 3906 Bird St E Apt D to out of county

Russell McDaniel, dob: 07/22/82 2909 50th St S Rm 1 to out of county

Jeremy Alvin Wynn, dob: 07/25/87 jail to prison




James T Bates, dob: 07/03/64 from jail to 6805 Hesperides St South

Joseph L Benitez, dob: 09/16/70 from 2909 50th St S to 5005 20th Av S Apt 1B

John C Dennis, dob: 10/26/87 from 1511 Kingsway Rd N to jail

Ryan E Hicks, dob: 12/07/76 from jail to 4712 Hillsborough Av E Apt 25

Walter E Hope, dob: 08/25/59 from 7905 Mulberry St N Apt A to jail

Ralph D Kellman, dob: 05/16/77 from jail to absconded

Kevin N Pearson, dob: 08/31/73 from jail to 4509 Giddens Av E Apt A

Manuel Ramierz, dob: 03/11/46 from 4209 Coolidge Av N to 1810 Cadillac Cr

Josue A Rivera, dob: 11/01/72 from 2413 82nd St S Lot 12 to jail

Mark T Ward, dob: 11/13/77 from 9413 Rome Cr N to jail




Edward T Collier, dob: 07/12/75

Adrian Crews, dob: 09/28/83

John C Dennis, dob: 10/26/87

Olden Divirgilio, dob: 02/04/45

John Fidler, dob: 10/02/70

Walter E Hope, dob: 08/25/59

David Ingram, dob: 12/24/69

Josue Ingram, dob: 12/24/69

Stephen C Rochford, dob: 11/23/53

Barton C Surrency, dob: 09/10/79

Mark Ward, dob: 11/13/77




Norman DeLaCruz, dob: 05/24/52

Ralph D Kellman, dob: 05/16/77

Enrique Soto, dob 07/16/52