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Release Number: 09-102

For Immediate Release

Public Information Office

April 7, 2009

Debbie Carter:

(813) 247-8060










John Lee Thompson,  DOB 5-13-86

321 Imperial Boulevard #A7

Lakeland, Fl


Charges:  2 counts of Perjury (Official Proceedings)

                  1 count of False Report to Law Enforcement Authorities


Arrested for Perjury and False Report to Law Enforcement Authorities


April 7, 2009 at 1:15 p.m.


1430 Lakeland Hill Blvd., Lakeland, Florida

















Today, at 1:15 p.m. Mr. John Thompson was arrested and charged with two (2) counts of Perjury and one (1) count of False Report to Law Enforcement Authorities.


On March 20, 2009, Deputy Craig Heneveld and Deputy Jesse Blanco responded to an address on Del Lago Circle in reference to a suspicious person on the complainant’s balcony.  Deputy Blanco noticed a ladder on the balcony where Mr. Thompson was standing and summoned for him to come to the door.  Mr. Thompson complied and both Deputy Blanco and Heneveld eventually came in contact with him.  During the investigation Mr. Thompson reportedly became loud and uncooperative with the investigating Deputies.  He was not positively identified as the suspicious person and released at the scene without further contact.


On March 21, 2009, Mr. Thompson appeared at the Sheriff’s Office, District Three Office and made the allegation of battery and excessive/unnecessary use of force by Deputy Heneveld.  Mr. Thompson made numerous accusations to multiple individuals indicating Deputy Heneveld “choked him” and “squeezed enough” for his breathing to stop.  Mr. Thomas provided a written account of the allegation and was placed under oath prior to an oral interview.


An Internal Affairs investigation was initiated into the crime of battery at the hands of Deputy Heneveld.  Prior to being interviewed by Internal Affairs, Mr. Thompson read, understood and signed a second Perjury Affidavit.


During the course of the investigation Mr. Thompson submitted to and failed a polygraph examination.  Immediately following the interview, Mr. Thompson was again interviewed and recanted portions of him testimony.  He admitted he provided false statements to material matter and stated Deputy Heneveld never choked him.  Mr. Thompson further confessed Deputy Heneveld never placed his hands around his throat; and stated he “exaggerated a little bit”.  A warrant was issued for the arrest of Mr. Thompson for the above charges.