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Release Number: 09-190

For Immediate Release

Public Information Office

July 8, 2009

Debbie Carter:

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Donnell Dewitt Williams, DOB 11-14-72

12412 Midpoint Drive, Riverview

Charges:  Identity Theft resulting in losses over $5,000

                  Identity Theft resulting in losses under $5,000

                  Grand Theft – 1st degree felony

                  Money Laundering


Kenta  Rashawn Fabian, DOB 12-7-85

Last known address:  3007 East Idlewild Avenue, Tampa

Charges:  Identity Theft resulting in losses under $5,000

                  Grand Theft – 3rd degree felony


Larry Grace,  DOB 11-24-70

9611 N. 12 Street, Tampa

Charges:  Identity Theft resulting in losses over $5,000

                  Grand Theft –receiving loan by fraud – 3rd degree felony


Erick Rashad Barr – DOB `12-7-77

7807 Dana Michelle Place,  Apt. 304, Tampa

Charges:  Identity Theft resulting in losses less than $5,000

                  Grand Theft – 3rd degree felony



Identity Theft/Grand Theft/Money Laundering


July 26, 2006 – February 12, 2009


Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union





































In February of this year, at the request of Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union Risk Management, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office detectives began an investigation in reference to individuals fraudulently obtaining loans through the credit union.   The investigation was initiated when authorities at the credit union discovered discrepancies with numerous loans. As a result of the 5 month investigation, this morning the above individuals were arrested and other arrests are possible as the investigation continues.  This investigation involved over 120 loan accounts and a liability exposure of over $400,000 to the credit union.


Defendant Donnell Williams was employed at Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union as a loan officer and as a branch manager.  Between July 26, 2006 and February 12, 2009, Donnell used his position to establish fraudulent loans to co-defendants by falsifying the loan applications.  Williams also used his position within the credit union to circumvent security measures, used the personal information of others both with and without their consent and received monetary gain from doing so. Williams also engaged in money laundering by filtering the ill-gotten funds through various other accounts. 


Co-defendant Kenta Fabian, a close friend and church member of Williams, recruited other individuals to apply for loans at the credit union and assisted in falsifying the applications including employment, income and other qualifications necessary to obtain a loan.  Fabian is also charged in connection with the use of information of others to fraudulently obtain loans from the credit union.  Fabian recruited family members and assisted them in improperly obtaining loans and received illegal monetary gain from these transactions.


Co-defendant Larry Grace, a former member of Williams’s church, criminally used the information of others including his family members and a deceased person to fraudulently obtain funds from the credit union.


Co-defendant Eric Barr, a close friend of Williams, falsified loan applications for both himself and another’s to illegally obtain money from the credit union.


(Examples – Williams along with co-defendants would recruit individuals that were in the need of money and have them apply for loans at the credit union. As loan officer/branch manager Williams would process the paperwork of individuals applying for the loans.  If the person did not qualify for some reason such as: income, place of employment or credit rating, Williams would falsify the information necessary to process the loan.  In some cases, he would process the loan for an amount greater than the amount the individual was asking for and keep the difference.  In some of those cases, the individual was unaware of the greater amount due to the fact that Williams would have them sign paperwork before all the figures were added.)


During the course of this investigation Sheriff’s detectives worked closely with members of the Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union.  See statement below from Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union, Linda Fales,  Vice President – Risk Management.


“Once we identified the fraud, we contacted the authorities and it is now in their hands.  We are pleased that the systems in place at Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union worked; we will continue to work with law enforcement to bring this to its legal end.  No members are at risk and we appreciate the hard work of our risk management staff, who worked diligently with law enforcement to ensure the safety of our members.  Suncoast has a zero tolerance policy related to fraud.  We are fully cooperating with law enforcement to ensure that justice prevails.”