2009 News Releases


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News Releases from 2008 will be kept online until 2010.

Release Date Descriptive Information
09-291 10/30/09 Traffic fatality Hwy 39
09-290 10/29/09 Armed Robbery Sam's Club Liquor Store suspect at large
OP3D09-212 10/29/09 Operation3D "Heightened Patrol"
OP3D09-211 10/29/09 Operation3D "Saturation"
OP3D09-210 10/28/09 Operation3D "Saturation"
09-289 10/28/09 Sexual Predator - Halloween Operations
09-288 10/28/09 UPDATE: Miguel Serrano arrested for attempted first-degree murder of Deputy Miguel Galarza/due to the quick actions of all Law Enforcement involved the suspect was located and arrested
09-287 10/28/09 National Candle Light Vigil
OP3D09-209 10/27/09 Operation3D "Low Man Check Point & Saturation"
09-286 10/27/09 Gang Awareness Meeting to be held at Leto High School
09-285 10/27/09 Edwin Lopez-Valentin arrested for possession of controlled substance
09-284 10/26/09 NOPE & Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office team together for a National Candle Light Vigil to be held on Thursday, October 29, 2009
09-283 10/23/09 Traffic fatality/Parsons Av & Coade Stone Rd
OP3D09-208 10/22/09 Operation3D "Heightened Patrol"
OP3D09-207 10/22/09 Operation3D "Saturation"
09-282 10/22/09 Hillsborough County Sheriff's Corporal arrested for battery
09-281 10/21/09 Amscot Financial teams with HCSO to give bike helmets away
09-280 10/21/09 Death Investigation/House Fire/Seffner
09-279 10/21/09 Halloween Trick or Treat Tips
09-278 10/21/09 Traffic crash with injury
OP3D09-206 10/20/09 Operation3D "Saturation"
OP3D09-205 10/20/09 Operation3D "Heightened Patrol"
09-277 10/20/09 Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office will make a Donation of $200,000 Dollars to A Kid's Place of Tampa Bay from drug monies forfeited to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office
09-276 10/19/09 Sheriff's Office seeks assistance in identifying suspects wanted for stealing credentials from teachers filing cabinet and using stolen credit cards
09-275 10/19/09 Lock Down A Career With The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office/Great Pay/Great Benefits/Paid Vacation/Holidays
OP3D09-204 10/19/09 Operation3D "Heightened Patrol"
09-274 10/15/09 Sheriff's Deputies capture gang member wanted for Sexual Battery/Kidnapping
OP3D09-203 10/15/09 Operation3D "Heightened Patrol"
OP3D09-202 10/15/09 Operation3D "Heightened Patrol"
09-273 10/15/09 Antonio Moreno arrested for sexual battery on a child
09-272 10/14/09 American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Awareness Walk
09-271 10/14/09 Traffic fatality/56th Street & Fletcher Av
09-270 10/14/09 Suspect is arrested in traffic crash who struck and fled from a Hillsborough County Sheriff's Deputy
OP3D09-201 10/14/09 Operation3D "Saturation"
09-269 10/14/09 Miguel Serrano arrested for attempted first-degree murder of Deputy Miguel Galarza/due to the quick actions of all Law Enforcement involved the suspect was located and arrested
09-268 10/14/09 Audrerto Morales arrested for procuring a minor for prostituion/maybe more victims
OP3D09-200 10/13/09 Operation3D "Saturation"
09-267 10/12/09 Burglary Victim spots stolen bike on Craigslist, Suspect arrested
09-266 10/12/09 Possession of marijuana arrest
OP3D09-199 10/12/09 Operation3D "Saturation"
OP3D09-198 10/12/09 Operation3D "Heightened Patrol"
09-265 10/09/09 Attempted carjacking/shooting 4102 Monticello Gardens Pl
09-264 10/06/09 Child neglect/Improper confinement of animals/arrest
09-263 10/06/09 Traffic fatality/Causeway Bl
09-262 10/06/09 Traffic fatality/Memorial Hw & George Rd
OP3D09-197 10/02/09 Operation3D "Heightened Patrol"
OP3D09-196 10/02/09 Operation3D "Check Point & Saturation"
OP3D09-195 10/02/09 Operation3D "Saturation"
OP3D09-194 10/02/09 Operation3D "Heightened Patrol"
OP3D09-193 10/02/09 Operation3D "Heightened Patrol"
09261B 10/02/09 UPDATE: Shooting/8320 Crystal Harbor Dr#202
OP3D09-192 10/01/09 Operation3D "Heightened Patrol"
09-261 10/01/09 Shooting /8320 Crystal Harbor Dr #202
OP3D09-190 10/01/09 Operation3D "Saturation"
OP3D09-191 10/01/09 Operation3D "Saturation"