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Release Number: 09-293

For Immediate Release

Public Information Office

November 3, 2009

Debbie Carter:

(813) 247-8060






















Deputies arrive at scene in time to save victim of domestic violence from further harm.



Alison Aquino-Sanchez,  DOB 7-16-82


Marco Ramirez, DOB 1-1-75

10715 Drummond Road, Tampa



Walter Dunn, III  DOB 7-18-83

7419 Oak Vista Circle



Charges:  Aggravated Battery (2 counts)


                  Burglary with Battery


Aggravated Battery/Kidnapping/Burglary


November 2, 2009 at 10:17 p.m.


10715 Drummond Road, Tampa












At approximately 11:17 p.m. the suspect, who is married to and has two children in common with the victim, Alison Aquino-Sanchez punched through and kicked open the victimís (Marco Ramirez) front door and entered without permission.  The glass from the door cut Ramirez shoulder and face as he was standing close to the door when Dunn punched and kicked it.  The suspect then grabbed the victim, Alison by the hair and struck her with a closed fist, dragged her from the residence and forced her into a black 2003 Ford Explorer against her will.  The suspect then fled with the victim to 7419 Oak Vista Circle in Tampa (suspectís residence). Once at the new location, the suspect forced the victim into the garage of the residence where he proceeded to pour gasoline on the victim and attempted to ignite the gasoline with a lighter in an attempt to cause death to the victim.  When the lighter failed to ignite the gasoline, the suspect battered the victim, causing multiple lacerations to the victimís body.  The suspect also attempted to cut the victimís fingers with a pair of garden sheers.   Deputies arrived at the suspects address and when the garage door opened Dunn was ordered to the ground while the victim Alison ran from the residence. 


Alison Aquino-Sanchez was transported to St. Josephís Hospital to be treated for her injuries.  Dunn was transported to Tampa General Hospital where he was treated and released.