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    Release Number: 16-066

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    • February 18, 2016
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    Operation Gun Box

    Four-month-long investigation leads to 52 arrest warrants and 20 firearms seizures.
    • Thursday
    • February 18, 2016
    • Time: 2:46 PM
    • District I


    Acosta, Ebony DOB: 09/16/87  Charges: Poss/Delivery of Marijuana, Delivery of Controlled Substance
    Allen, Roberto DOB: 06/15/85 Charge: Poss/Delivery of Marijuana
    Aquino, Johnny DOB: 11/07/70 Charge: Poss/Delivery of Marijuana
    Baldwin, Rodney DOB: 08/07/80 Charges: Delivery of Crack Cocaine x2
    Brady, Major DOB: 06/07/81 Charges: Poss/Delivery of Controlled Substance x2, Trafficking in Controlled Substance, Felon in Possession of Firearm, Poss/Delivery of Marijuana
    Canas, Selina DOB: 02/28/91 Charge: VOP – Poss of Controlled Sub
    Carter, Frankie DOB: 03/26/78 Charge: Poss/Delivery of Marijuana
    Cintron, Angela DOB: 11/05/82 Charge: Delivery of Crack Cocaine, Delivery of Cocaine, Delivery of Cocaine/Heroin, Delivery of Controlled Substance
    Cintron-Torres, Amaury DOB: 08/21/81 Charge: Poss/Delivery of Controlled Substance
    Daniels, Rickey DOB: 11/05/63 Charge: Poss/Delivery of Marijuana
    Davenport, Antonio DOB: 06/18/94 Charges: Poss/Delivery of Marijuana x2
    Diaz, Theresa DOB: 07/27/71 Charge: Delivery of Crack Cocaine
    Ferguson, Torel DOB: 08/20/96 Charge: Poss/Delivery of Marijuana
    Fisher, Nathan DOB: 11/05/96 Charge: Poss/Delivery of Marijuana
    Fuller, John DOB: 02/28/86 Charges: Poss/Delivery of Marijuana x2, Felon in Possession of Firearm
    Garrett, Ronald DOB: 01/17/61 Charges: Delivery of Cocaine X2
    Gause, Martez DOB: 10/19/96 Charge: Delivery of Cocaine
    Goodrum, Eric DOB: 07/24/67 Charge: Delivery of Cocaine
    Hamilton, Freddie DOB: 04/15/89 Charges: Trafficking in Controlled Substance, Poss/Delivery of Marijuana
    Hicks, Joshua DOB: 05/05/88 Charge: Poss/Delivery of Marijuana
    Ivey, Jose DOB: 11/17/78 Charges: Poss/Delivery of Marijuana x2
    James, Lance DOB: 07/17/98 Charges: Carrying Concealed Firearm x2
    Jones, Ulysses DOB: 11/05/1996 Charges: Trafficking in a Controlled Substance, Delivery of Counterfeit Substance
    Kennedy, Albert DOB: 06/25/80 Charges: Delivery of Cocaine x2, Possession of Cocaine/Resist
    Knight, Dontavious DOB: 11/18/92 Charges: Delivery of Crack Cocaine, Poss/Delivery of Marijuana
    Lam, Angelina DOB: 06/17/83 Charge: Delivery of Crack Cocaine
    Malone, Sharee DOB: 07/03/79 Charges: Delivery of Cocaine x2
    McPherson, Lisa DOB: 09/27/83 Charges: Delivery of Controlled Substance x3
    Mesa, Abraham DOB: 12/29/81 Charge: Delivery of Cocaine
    Muse, Ricky DOB: 04/21/97 Charge: Felon in Possession of Firearm
    Phillips, Davon DOB: 05/15/96 Charges: Delivery of Cocaine x2, Delivery of Fraudulent Substance
    Pomerantz, Spenser DOB: 08/02/89 Charges: Delivery of Controlled Substance x5
    Poole, Dominique DOB: 09/19/91 Charges: Delivery of Crack Cocaine, Delivery of Cocaine
    Redfield, Laurence DOB: 07/23/78 Charge: Delivery of Crack Cocaine
    Roberts, Theddus DOB: 02/21/63 Charge: Delivery of Cocaine
    Russ, Sheraldo DOB: 11/08/87 Charges: Poss/Delivery of Marijuana x2, Delivery of Cocaine
    Rutland, April DOB: 11/28/73 Charge: Delivery of Cocaine
    Serrano, Kiran DOB: 02/17/96 Charge: Delivery of Cocaine
    Sherman, Antonio DOB: 08/10/90 Charges: Delivery of Cocaine x2 
    Singletary, Tiras DOB: 06/13/81 Charges: Poss/Delivery of Marijuana x3
    Ulysses, Franklin DOB: 01/11/89 Charge: VOP – Federal Warrant
    Walker, Joqain DOB: 12/05/93 Charges: Delivery of Cocaine x2, Poss/Delivery of Marijuana
    Watson, Melinda DOB: 09/04/73 Charge: Trafficking in Controlled Substance


    In October of 2015, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) joined together to identify, investigate and prosecute possible persons involved in gun crimes within the HCSO District I patrol area. The operation was designated “Operation Gun Box” due to the increased gun violence occurring throughout the District I area commonly referred to as “the Box.” Throughout the operation, undercover detectives conducted 116 investigations into firearms and narcotics traffickers. On 02/17/16, a warrant roundup was executed to apprehend the suspects in those investigations.

    State- 44
    Federal- 8
    Total Warrants Issued- 52

    Total- 182
    Felony- 127, Misdemeanor- 25, Federal- 30
    Drug charges:
    Trafficking- 11
    Delivery of a controlled substance- 101
    Possession of a controlled substance (felon)- 30
    Possession of a controlled substance (misdemeanor)- 21
    Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon- 12

    Total- 20
    Involved in federal cases- 11
    Type (14-handguns, 2-shotguns, 4-rifles)
    Recovered stolen- 5
    Purchased- 13
    Seized- 8

    Powder Cocaine, 127.8 grams
    Crack Cocaine, 322.7 grams
    Methamphetamine, 167.6 grams
    MDMA, 29.5 grams
    Marijuana, 794.8 grams
    Heroin, 15 grams
    Pills, 38.6 grams
    Total Street Value of Narcotics Seized = $47,850

    Top Offenders:

    1. Brady, Major 6/7/1981: 38 arrests
    (29 felony arrests/17 convictions, 9 misdemeanor arrests/6 convictions)
    -History Includes: Sexual Assault of a Minor, Failure of Sex Offender to Report, Burglary, Delivery of Heroin, Trafficking in Controlled Substance, Possession of Cocaine. Major Brady is a registered sex offender.
    -Operation Gun Box charges: Completed three hand-to-hand buys for a total of 17.4 grams of Oxycodone. During a search warrant of his residence, a .22 caliber semi-automatic handgun, 3 grams of marijuana and .3 grams of powder cocaine were recovered. Charges include trafficking in a controlled substance, delivery of a controlled substance (X2), possession of a controlled substance (X2) and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

    2. Cintron, Angela 11/5/1982: 50 arrests (29 felony arrests/19 convictions, 21 misdemeanor arrests/4 convictions)
    - History Includes: Aggravated Battery with Great Bodily Harm, Grand Theft, Dealing in Stolen Property, Burglary, Prostitution, Possession of Controlled Substance.
    -Operation Gun Box charges: Angela Cintron conducted four hand-to-hand transactions with undercover detectives for a total of 3 grams of crack cocaine and 3.3 grams of heroin. The transactions were completed withing 1000 feet of a church. Charges included delivery of a controlled substance (X5).

    3. Roberts, Theddus 2/21/1963: 35 arrests (13 felony arrests/7 convictions, 22 misdemeanor arrests/15 misdemeanor convictions)
    -History Includes: Strong Arm Robbery, Sexual Assault, Aggravated Assault, Burglary, Battery on Law Enforcement Officer, Delivery of Controlled Substance. -Operation Gun Bintoox charges: Theddus Roberts conducted a hand-to-hand transaction for .9 grams of crack cocaine within 1000 feet of an elementary school.
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